Restricted punching is something that everyone training in self-defense should incorporate into his or her training. The purpose of restricted striking is to be able to generate power by punching from different positions that limit the use of your hips and legs forcing you to use other smaller muscles that you would not normally use to generate power. These drills are to be done from a conversation stance of 12 to 18 inches because this is the range that most all fights start at or end at. Being able to punch hard from a very close range is vital. 

Start off doing these drills with boxing gloves working towards performing them bare knuckle. Perform 6 to 8 hundred reps per arm. We are not looking to win a match by points we are looking to knockout our opponent. This article will teach you one punch stopping power. Musahsi the famous swordsman from ancient Japan would ask his students, “Why hit him with 2 or 3 strikes when we can finish him with one”? 

You want start off with the Right Cross from a conversation stance from a fenced position always using your lead hand as either a sensory tentacle, range finder, or action trigger touching your target than hitting keeping your hands and body relaxed each time you strike making sure to generate power through your feet to hips to shoulder than out through arm breathing with each strike, Next is the left cross once again working off a conversation stance at a very close distance kind of leaning to the side as if asking him a question once again using proper body mechanics using feet, hips, and shoulders to generate power not looking to go through the bag but more of a snap at the end of each punch. You want give everything you got in every single shot.

 Now we work on generating power from a kneeling position making a lot harder to build power due to lack of legs and hip movement which makes the body than adopt and look for other ways to find that power work on right, left cross and hooks than move on to seated position which starts to get a little harder because all the power is coming from your core and up. Next is lying on your back with your head under the bag or if you have a partner have him get in a mounted position holding up two focus mist while you punch up with random hits. Off of a chair this is actually a great way to build your speed, power and explosiveness. Last drill demonstrated is back against bag or could be a person holding pads turn around and bang with a right cross or left hook. Remember persistence is key, set a goal and stick to it your punching power will go up ten fold.

Author: Daniel Avila